Dental grade teeth whitening products for you to use at home, created by our Dentist of 31 years

and founder Dr Zed - your teeth whitening expert.

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"It all starts
with a smile"
Make your smile
part of your style.


The passion behind the smile.

Zahida Johal, known as Dr Zed, has used her over three decades of professional dental knowledge to formulate these authentic teeth whitening products that get results.

“I’ve been helping to create the perfect smile for over 31 years in my dental practises and now I want to guide you to create brighter, whiter teeth from the comfort of your own home! Because, as I always say, it all starts with a smile.”

- Dr Zed -

Sofina Laila
Before photo then using GLOW
teeth whitening strips for 14 days.


Tom Storer
Teeth whitening using SUPREME Starter teeth whitening kit for 14 days.


Once teeth were 5 shades lighter then composite bonding done on teeth to get rid of gaps and improve appearance of the teeth.

Maintenance of whitening done using ZSmile teeth whitening strips every 2 months

Before & Afters



SUPREME Starter Kit Results from Amber. We recommended

GLOW Strips for maintenance 

in 2 months time.

Alina Karim


Jannice Jones
Mindfulness Coach

Sonia Summan
Fashion Strategist

I love these whitening strips… so easy to use and instantly I could see a difference.


My mouth felt fresher too and after 7 mornings of using I could see a considerable difference. I’m excited to see even more impact after another 7 days.
I would definitely recommend these

Susan Stocker
Manifestation Coach

The best thing about ZSmile London is  that the product really works! 

The supply of very effective, high end, beautifully packaged teeth-whitening products, with ‘good’ ingredients (coconut oil base); it was nice that I could contact her for even more personalised advice on which of the products was best for me.


I see there is a great advisory function as well as virtual screening. Many thanks for producing these fabulous products that actually work. 

Kathryn Hedley

“I’ve been using teeth whitening strips for years and thought I was pleased with the results until I tried Z Smile!


The results are amazing and I have received so many compliments on my sparkling smile.


Bonus- they taste great and don’t slip!

Thank you Dr Z- absolutely thrilled with my pearly whites.”

Bonnie Baker 

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Dentist-quality results at a fraction of the cost 
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Brighter, whiter smile from the comfort of your home 
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Authentic product formulated by dental experts
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Short application time with great results
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"My over 31 years experience delivered to your door."

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Only 3 small steps to your brighter teeth.


Select & purchase one of our
teeth whitening products
from our store.


Complete our simple Virtual Dental Screening for our experts to assess.


Receive your teeth whitening product and get started on your journey to brighter, whiter teeth.

Achieve dental quality results from home.


Your perfect smile in just 30 minutes.

ZSmiles GLOW Teeth Whitening Strips, are simple, quick and easy to use! 


These are to be used if you have whitened your teeth before and they are currently at the whitest they can be. 


The purpose of these strips are to maintain your beautiful, white smile.

Feel confident with brighter, whiter teeth.

ZSmile's SUPREME Starter Kit has been formulated by UK dental experts to give you professional results from the comfort of your home and its purpose is to get your teeth to the whitest they can be! 


This product is ideal for you if you have never used teeth whitening products before or you have used other products on the market but haven’t got the results you were hoping for.

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