A story to smile about.

Meet Dr Zed.

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I’ve been helping people to create the perfect smile for over 31 years in my dental practises and now I want to guide YOU to create brighter, whiter teeth from the comfort of your own home!


Because, as I always say, “it all starts with a smile”. 


I’ve had thousands of people sit in my chair over the years and I would hear their same frustrations about teeth whitening that costs the earth and delivers limited results with products bought online.

Along with my frustration in seeing how the public are being mis-sold eg blue led lights claiming to help activate teeth whitening products. FACT - the light doesn’t make much of a significant difference at all to the teeth whitening gel.

Use of charcoal products that claim to whiten teeth naturally . FACT It may be a natural ingredient but it only works by lifting stains not whitening but more worryingly can induce detrimental changes to the enamel (outer surface) of the teeth.

I found myself saying ‘why doesn’t someone make something that will really give people a reason to smile?’ and then I thought, “if they won’t I will” - so I have!   


My love of wellness led me to create my very own teeth whitening kits and strips which combine medical grade ingredients with organic natural elements, such as coconut oil, to give you stunning results and a smile to be proud of.

Smile, it makes you feel good!

Did you know that when you smile your body is flooded with feel-good chemicals - you don’t just look better when you smile, you actually feel better!

I used my over three decades of professional dental knowledge to formulate my authentic teeth whitening products because I am on a mission to make people smile.

Here is why your smile matters to me:


When you smile your brain releases tiny molecules called neuropeptides. These feel good compounds fly around the body and fight off stress then other neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin and endorphins come into play too. 


When you smile your biochemistry changes so you don’t just look lovely, but you feel lovely too!  That’s why I always say, “it all starts with a smile”


Create Your Perfect Smile.