Frequently asked questions

Benefits of Our Products

What is the benefit of our SUPEREME Starter Teeth Whitening Kit ?

The SUPREME Starter Teeth Whitening Kit is recommended if you have never whitened your teeth before. Our SUPREME Start Teeth Whitening Kit uses our bespoke mold, created to fit your upper and lower teeth for a closer. Therefore, making it a much more comfortable, experience and allows better results due to the better fit.

What is the benefit of our GLEAM Teeth Whitening Kit?

The benefits of our GLEAM Teeth Whitening Kit is you can use our moldable putty in order to fit and create your trays. This is then used to whiten your teeth. However, a little bulkier to wear in your mouth for 90mins. It provides great results.

What is the benefit of our GLOW Teeth Whitening Strips ?

Glow Teeth Whitening Strips are to be used once your teeth are at their whitest. They are used for quick and easy maintenance. Which are less messy than gels. The application time is shorter than our other products, due to them being used for maintenance.

What is the difference with ZSmile's Teeth Whitening products and others on the market ?

Most online products are non-peroxide. Legal peroxide is 1% for spotlight use, however, this will not provide a decent result. We use 16% peroxide which are dental grade products therefore, legally customers must do a consultation before we are able to dispatch any products to them. Due to how the products are regulated.

Questions about the treatment

What is the ZSmile GLEAM Teeth Whitening Kit and how does it work ?

The ZSmile Teeth Whitening Kit is a gone teeth whitening solution designed to brighten and whiten your teeth. The kit uses peroxide formula to dissolves stains . With daily use old stains and discolouration will breakdown and your teeth will look brighter and whiter. The active ingredients on the gel starts to breakdown once in contact with the teeth. Oxygen enters the enamel and dentine which in turn breaks down the stain inside the tooth. It does NOT damage the structure of the tooth. Closely follow the instructions provided with your kit or strips .

How long will the results last ?

After 14 days if treatment results can last for 6-8 weeks. For longer lasting results limit your intake of staining foods or drinks. This includes coffee, tea, coffee, red wine , curry sauces, fruits and berries . To keep the teeth white we recommend using one of the ZSmile GLOW Teeth Whitening strips box every 2 months. A subscription is available for the ZSmile GLOW Teeth Whitening Strips 365 on the website .

How many shades lighter will my teeth go?

Your teeth will improve by a minimum of 2 shades whiter after using the teeth whitening kit every day for 14 days as directed. They can improve a lot more but it is dependent on individual teeth.

How long does the whitening take ?

We recommend you leave the whitening gel in the tray for at least 2 hours in the ZSmile Teeth Whitening Kit. We recommend you leave the teeth whitening strips on your teeth for 30 minutes .

How long can I keep the gel and where do I store it?

Opened you can keep it in the cupboard for 1 year . Unopened you can store it for 2 years . Store in a cool, dry spot away from direct sunlight.

Do I need to see a dentist before whitening ?

We highly recommend you see a dentist for a dental examination before starting any teeth whitening treatment particularly if you have broken , sensitive or painful teeth. We recommend you you seek advice from your dentist if you have :

  • Periodontal disease
  • Overly sensitive teeth
  • Recent oral surgery
  • Decayed teeth
  • Exposed roots
  • Exposed dentine or very worn teeth
The GLEAM Teeth Whitening Kit whether bought individually or as part of the SUPREME Teeth Whitening Package will not be posted until completion of a successful Virtual Consultation that is assessed by one of ZSmile's dental experts. For more information please read our Product Disclaimer

Will it cause soreness of my gums ?

If you get inflammation of the gums or whiteness on gums the you may be using too much gel in the tray. Use one droplet of gel in each tooth in the tray only to reduce irritation to the gums Leave the whitening until the inflammation of gums down before continuing with the whitening treatment . Gums will return to normal . If they don’t then please see your dentist .

What is the online consultation I have to book before delivery of the ZSmile GLEAM Teeth Whitening Kit?

Once you have purchased the GLEAM Teeth Whitening Kit, whether bought individually or part of the SUPREME package you will be directed to complete a Virtual Consultation that will be assessed by one of our dental experts. You will be asked to complete form and upload 5 images of your teeth, all instructions will be sent to you in an email after purchase.
In the interest of your teeth and gums it is important that we ensure your dental health is optimum prior to undertaking any teeth whitening. This may mean that after the Virtual Consultation we recommend that you see a dentist before delivery of your teeth whitening kit. Should we recommend this option, upon completion of a satisfactory dental visit, your teeth whitening kit will be posted. If for any reason you are unable to organise a dental check-up, we will refund you less £30. You will be given a special £30 code for you to use on future products... your smile will always be waiting. Once you have had a dental exam and / or treatment required to fix any broken teeth then please come back to the website and login to your account to reorder. Our business is committed to providing the best for your dental health and not just focussing on whitening your teeth. This is an authentic dentist led teeth whitening business , here to help promote good dental health along with brighter and whiter teeth. For more information please read our Product Disclaimer.

Does it work on fillings, veneers, crowns, bridges and dentures ?

Whitening will ONLY whiten natural tooth enamel. It can remove superficial stains off veneers and crowns but will NOT whiten or lighten the shade of these teeth. Please be aware that you may need fillings , veneers , crowns and bridges replaced at your own cost if you are not happy with the original shade at the end of teeth whitening.

Can I use it with braces?

We recommend waiting until braces are removed before using teeth whitening kit or strips to avoid uneven whitening.

Can I do teeth whitening if I am pregnant?

We don’t recommend whitening while pregnant or breastfeeding.

Can I do teeth whitening if I am under 18 years  old?

We don’t recommend teeth whitening if under the age of 18.

Can I still drink tea/ coffee/ red wine?

It is recommended avoiding tea, coffee, red wine, curries or staining foods whilst whitening as your teeth will not whiten as effectively.

When do I need to repeat the treatment and how can I keep my teeth white?

If you have used the GLEAM Teeth Whitening Kit then you can move onto using the strips to maintain a brighter and whiter smile. Repeat with use of strips every 2 months for optimal results and to keep teeth white. You can sign up to the subscription for ZSmile Teeth Whitening Strips available on this site, GLOW Whitening Strips 365.