5 Steps to a Brighter Smile

Do you want to brighten up your smile and maintain your white teeth?

The colour of your teeth may change subtly and gradually over time as you age. Sometimes people even genetically have a yellow tint to their teeth they would like to change. Teeth whitening procedures can help lighten your teeth a few shades lighter, giving you the brighter smile you have always wanted, however, maintaining your whitened teeth is where it gets challenging.

Here are 5 steps to keep your smile staying white and bright:

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1 – Teeth Whitening

The first step to seeing a dramatic visual difference is to whiten the shade of the enamel on your teeth which may have been stained over time due to diet, smoking or ageing. There are various ways to whiten teeth but it is important to choose the best method for you. There are many options on the market, from teeth whitening kits and whitening strips to teeth whitening toothpaste, which all have different functions and strengths to which they can help lighten the shade of your teeth. Check out the Zsmile range for our teeth whitening products and more information.


2 – Daily Cleaning

Brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day is very important to help preserve the whitened shade. Brushing and flossing are not only for oral hygiene but also remove any micro stains that appear between or on the surface of the teeth after they have been whitened, keeping them whiter for longer. Don’t forget to floss as bacteria that brushing has missed can be a huge cause of tooth decay and staining.


3 – Diet

If you are very keen and serious about maintaining the whiteness of your teeth after a tooth whitening procedure, a change in diet will help you drastically. Some of the main culprits to stained teeth are fizzy drinks, tea and coffee. Avoiding these staining agents in your diet, or brushing directly after consuming tooth-staining foods and beverages, will preserve the whiteness for a very long time.

Stop Smoking

4 – Smoking

Tobacco is another staining agent for your teeth. If you smoke, avoiding tobacco can drastically improve the appearance and whiteness of your teeth, as well as your dental health overall. Not only does smoking stain the teeth, but it can also lead to other oral health conditions like gum disease, loss of taste and oral cancer.


5 – Hygienist Appointments

Even after doing all of the above, visiting your dentist as recommended for check-ups at least once every 6 months is essential. Your hygienist can not only check the health of your teeth but also easily clean and polish any surface stains that you may have missed during your daily brushing routine and use their professional tools to bring back the whiteness of your teeth as if they were freshly whitened again!

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