Whiter Teeth and Mental Health

Did you know that whiter teeth have psychological benefits?

We all know the importance of oral hygiene and how whitening your teeth can offer many instant aesthetic benefits for your teeth. However, along with physical health and aesthetic look, mental health is just as important and maintaining white teeth can help improve your confidence and overall happiness.

Here are 5 reasons as to why you should consider teeth whitening for your mental health:

Improve your mood

Smiling and showing white teeth not only makes others happier but also relieves your own stress. Whenever you smile your body releases two mood-lifting neurotransmitters, endorphins and serotonin, even if you fake a smile! Our brains are wired to respond to smiling and return it and a whiter smile can make your happier and excited to share your bright smile with others, whilst also rewarding your brain with mood-lifting effects.

Improve your attractiveness

A fresh-looking white smile is very attractive to look at regardless, however, did you know that whiter teeth and a brighter smile are signs of health and youthfulness, which is automatically translated to attractiveness in the human eye? Whiter teeth also show to a person that you are one to take care of your overall health and appearance!

Smiling more due to your fresh new bright smile will make you seem a more attractive and happy person to others, drawing more people to you and your positive, happy image. People enjoy being around positivity so why not bring positivity into people lives with your new smile!

Make a good first impression on people

A great first impression is what everyone desires when meeting new people. Did you know that when you smile at people, the area of their brain that processes sensory rewards is activated? This means that they feel rewarded by your smile, leading them to have a good first impression of you.

Showing your white teeth and smiling is also contagious and can instantly lift the mood of anyone and they may return the smile! Returning the smile will trigger the mood-lifting neurotransmitters in their brain to instantly make them happier, whilst subconsciously associating you with positivity, so the next time you meet this person they will remember how you uplifted their mood with your smile!

Career success

Just like helping you make a good first impression and improving your attractiveness, whiter teeth can also make you look successful. The way your interviewer or manager at work perceives you can be influenced by your bright smile! People perceive those with a white bright smile as smarter, more successful and more desirable!

Improve your confidence

Self-confidence contributes to overall happiness and well-being. Knowing you have an amazing white, bright set of teeth when you smile can instantly boost your self-esteem and how you interact with people day-to-day. You may want to smile and talk more to show off your amazing smile!

As a result, you naturally begin to appear more confident to others and yourself, which over time improves your confidence and makes you an overall very confident person!

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