For those looking to enjoy a confident natural smile all year round our SUPREME kit is a deluxe offering of our:


  • 1 x GLEAM Teeth Whitening Kit
  • 1 x GLOW Whitening Strip courses
  • 1 x Custom made teeth whitening tray, bespoke moulded to fit upper and lower teeth, allowing for even treatment while using ZSmile teeth whitening treatments.
  • 1 x Virtual Dental Screening with one of our dental experts.

SUPREME Teeth Whitening Pack

SKU: 0003
  • Our SUPREME Teeth Whitening Pack have been formulated by UK dental experts to give you professional results from the comfort of your own home. The pack contains :

    1 x GLEAM Teeth Whitening Kit

    • 4 x  Dental grade teeth whitening gel (approx. 4 applications in each syringe.)
    • 2 x Moldable Trays - one each for top and bottom teeth
    • 1 x White Moldable Putty 
    • 1 x Yellow Moldable Putty
    • 1 x Bottle of dental varnish
    • 1 x Color Chart - chart the progress of your celebrity smile
    • 1 x Instruction Guide -giving you a step-by-step guide to getting your brighter and whiter teeth.  

    1 x GLOW Teeth Whitening Strips

    • Each of the  strips contain 14 packs of applications. There are 2 strips within each pack, one for your lower teeth and one for your upper teeth (28 strips in total).

     1 x Bespoke mold created specifically for you to fit upper and lower teeth

    1 x Virtual Dental Screening with one of our expert dentists.