SILVER Teeth Whitening Kit £298

About the SILVER Teeth Whitening Kit

If you have never whitened your teeth before and you are looking to maintain a bright white smile all year round, this kit is exactly what you are looking for!


Our Silver Teeth Whitening Kit includes our Supreme Starter Teeth Whitening Kit which has been created by our dental experts with over 31 years experience, providing you with teeth whitening results the same as in a dentist chair but, from the comfort of your home, getting your teeth to the whitest they can get to.


Plus 6 packs of our GLOW Teeth Whitening Strips to maintain your bright, white smile for up to 1 year after using your SUPREME Starter Kit!


For further information on what’s included and how to use this kit, view the drop downs to your right.

Dental Grade Premium Strength Formula 

Short Application Time 

Enamel Safe

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90 minutes

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Brighter Teeth

Use syringes to apply teeth whitening gel to your molds.

Virtual Dental Screening with our experts.

ZSmile products are formulated by our team of UK experts with the highest grade ingredients, that usually only dental professionals can use.


Because of our commitment to giving you the brightest, whitest smile possible our Silver Teeth Whitening Kit comes with a Virtual Dental Screening which will be assessed by one of our dental experts (Dr Zed herself if you’re lucky!)


If our virtual dental screening confirms your dental health as suitable for teeth whitening, your teeth whitening kit will be posted enabling you to create superior results, faster than you ever thought possible from a course of home whitening treatments.


Our professional guidance ensures you a dentist quality whitening, without the dentist price tag… what a reason to smile!

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Your brighter teeth in 3 small steps.


Select & purchase our
SILVER teeth whitening
products from our store.


Complete our simple Virtual Dental Screening for our experts to assess.


Receive your teeth whitening product and get started on your journey to brighter, whiter teeth.